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We get it, accidents happen. That’s why we offer an extended warranty.

What is the Extend Protection Plan warranty?

When you purchase your BlendJet from, you’ll have the option to add  1, 2 or 3 years of extended protection for $4.99, $7.99, or $9.99. Extend is currently available to US customers only. Extend, a leader in the extended warranty busines

Can I add Extend to an order that’s already shipped?

Once an order has been shipped, we are unable to make any changes.

What is the process to file a claim under an Extend Protection Plan?

Extend makes it easy for you to file a claim, either online or by calling the Extend call center at 877-248-7707. You will simply need to provide either your contract ID, email address, or other identifying piece of information. Extend will follow up