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Safety and Recalls

Learn more about our Safety and Recall processes.

I heard there is a recall on BlendJet 2. Can you please provide more information?

In cooperation with the CPSC, BlendJet is voluntarily recalling earlier versions of the BlendJet 2. Earlier versions of the BlendJet2 have a risk of the blender overheating or the blender blades breaking off. You should immediately stop using the rec

How to fill out the product registration form

We are experiencing extreme volume, so please be patient when submitting your form. In order to check if your BlendJet 2 has been recalled please visit You will need your BlendJet 2 serial number, which is located at the bottom

If I have a BlendJet 2, what should I do with the item?

You should immediately stop using your BlendJet 2 until you verify if your product is subject to the recall. You can verify whether your BlendJet 2 unit is recalled by going to, or by contacting us at (844) 334-0562, from

My product appears to be okay, can I still use it?

No. You should immediately stop using your BlendJet 2 until you verify if your product is recalled. If your product is recalled, you should stop using it, register for a free replacement, and dispose of it as directed. You can verify by going to blen

I own multiple BlendJet 2 blenders. Am I able to order more than one replacement base?

Yes you can! You will need to check each BlendJet 2 serial number separately and, if impacted, submit replacement requests separately.

Are stores still selling the affected BlendJet 2?

No. All BlendJet 2 units currently for sale, either from or from one of BlendJet’s retail partners, are not subject to the recall.

How should I dispose of my recalled BlendJet 2?

You only need to dispose of the base, in the manner prescribed on You will keep all remaining components so you can use them with your replacement base and matching lid. Once instructed to do so, please dispose of your b

I no longer have the receipt for the product, but I still have my BlendJet 2. Can I still receive a replacement product?

Yes! If your BlendJet 2 is recalled, you do not need a proof of purchase. You must own a BlendJet2 and you will need to provide us with the serial number information. To register for a replacement base and lid, please visit

How do I destroy my BlendJet 2?

Do not dispose of your BlendJet 2 base until you are directed to do so AFTER you register one or more blenders (here) and disable them so they can no longer be used. To dispose of your BlendJet 2 you will need to:. 1. Remove the jar from your base. S

I no longer have my BlendJet 2, but I still have my receipt. Can I still receive a refund or replacement product?

No. If you no longer have your BlendJet 2 unit, there is no recalled unit to replace and there is no safety risk to you and your family.

How long will it take for me to receive my replacement base and matching lid?

If you live in the United States, BlendJet will deliver the replacement product as soon as possible, approximately 4-6 weeks from your election. We apologize for any inconvenience and assure you we are working as quickly as possible to replace your p

I have not received my recall replacement. When will I receive it?

BlendJet reviews submitted recall registrations within 5 business days. Once your recall registration has been approved, BlendJet will deliver the replacement product as soon as possible, approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of your election. If you

Will I receive the same model/color as my original unit? Can I exchange it for a different one?

Unfortunately No. We offer an assortment of our top-selling lids and bases. All choices for replacement bases and lids are considered final, and exchanges are not available.

Do I pay for shipping of the replacement?

No. BlendJet will cover the full cost of shipping the replacement base and lid to you.

What is the warranty policy for the replacement product?

All replacement products will come with a standard Limited Warranty.

I received a second email about the recall? What does this mean?

This is just a reminder email for customers that may have missed the recall announcement. If you have already registered and have a registration number, no further action is required.

What regions does this recall apply to?

This is a global recall. Please go to to learn more.

I gave my BlendJet 2 as a gift. Can I still get a replacement?

No. You must have the serial number of the BlendJet 2 in order to verify if it has been impacted by this recall. If you have given the BlendJet 2 away to a friend or family member, please let them know and they can go through the serial number check

Has BlendJet ever had a recall before?

No. We are recalling the earlier BlendJet 2 model out of an abundance of caution. All BlendJet products are rigorously and routinely tested for consumer safety and comply with established industry standards.

Where were the affected products produced?

The BlendJet 2 affected product were designed in California, and manufactured in China.