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How do I destroy my BlendJet 2?Updated 3 months ago

Do not dispose of your BlendJet 2 base until you are directed to do so AFTER you register one or more blenders (here) and disable them so they can no longer be used.

To dispose of your BlendJet 2 you will need to:

1. Remove the jar from your base. Save the jar and the top.

2. Carefully remove the silicone piece from the blender base, carefully so as not to cut your fingers. We recommend using a fork. [See video below.]

3. Cut the rubber silicone seal piece into 3 separate pieces.

4. Take a picture of the destroyed rubber silicone seal piece and the base showing the legible serial number in the same photo.

(If you have multiple BlendJet 2s that have been impacted, please take a separate photo of each BlendJet base and destroyed silicone piece.)

Once you have taken a picture, submit your request via the website or via a phone call and email. Once your request for a replacement base unit is complete, you may dispose of your base in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. 

To see this process in more detail, see here

Where do I find information about disposing in accordance with my local laws?

Search for "household hazardous waste" near your zip code in the Earth 911 database for more information.

NOTE: DO NOT place blenders in in-store recycling container boxes.

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